Concerned with the persistence of memory that floods through us in everyday interactions with the objects we encounter, my work is a means to explore how we may honor a memory and how we may release that memory simultaneously. Utilizing textiles that incorporate sculptural elements this work reifies tangible objects representative of the pain and joy contained in memory and nostalgia. Personal and found objects become amulets imbued with power and density as they conjure shadows of our histories. These objects serve as entry points to a vivid narrative strewn with a quiet urgency; a profound need to venerate the residue of the past. Transparent, translucent and ephemeral materials are employed to explore dynamics of density, texture and value. Materials build tension with one another, unearthing intimacies between them.  Of softness, of delicate paired with heavy, jagged, and rusted. These relationships mirror paradigms within the dilemmas of memory, loss and nostalgia; the tenderness inherent in remembering or forgetting.